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Eye surgery in Annandale

Annandale eye surgery

Annandale eye surgery

At The Retina Group of Washington, we perform Annandale eye surgery at our offices for hundreds of patients each year. Eye surgery is now a common procedure for a wide range of retinal and eye diseases such as macular degeneration, retinal detachment, macular holes and intraocular infections, among others. Our offices are comfortable and will help you feel safe and relaxed while you’re here. We employ a staff of highly trained retinal doctors who administer treatments and medicines according to each individual case. We treat our patients like they’re family here, and this is why we’re at the forefront of retinal medical centers today.

We offer a variety of locations for your Annandale eye surgery and our surgeons have privileges at major area hospitals and surgery centers, making it convenient and accessible for patients. Some of our locations include Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C., Inova Fair Oaks in Virginia, and Friendship Ambulatory Surgery Center in Maryland. Patients can find treatment and surgeries for various retinal disorders like sickle cell retinopathy, ocular trauma and complications relating to cataract, glaucoma and ocular surgeries. We also treat hereditary retinal degenerations, in a professional and thorough atmosphere that will make you feel confident about having your procedures done here at the Retina Group.

Our collective knowledge and expertise allows us to use all the latest in medical technology, knowledge and techniques so that we’re always on top of medical procedures. Our Annandale eye surgery treatments include diagnostic services, digital fundus photography, B-scan ultrasonography, optical coherence tomography and more. We are also certified and trained to provide the latest in in-office procedures. This includes Avastin, Macugen, laser photocoagulation and cryotherapy. If you need steroid injections or Ozurdex implants, the Retina Center can also advise you on those and perform them as well.

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Surgical Outcomes in Macular Pucker Patients

Dr. Melamud published a paper in the journal Retina examining the outcomes of vitrectomy surgery in patients with macular pucker and good visual acuity.  They specifically examined the visual outcomes in patients with symptomatic macular pucker with relatively good pre-operative visual acuity ( better than 20/50 ).  At one year follow up they showed a significant improvement in visual acuity in patients undergoing surgery.  This study confirmed previous study observations that progression of cataract is common after vitrectomy.  Cataracts are treatable with outpatient surgery.  The journal Retina is a leading, peer-reviewed journal in ophthalmology and a source for innovative research in the field of vitreo-retinal surgery world-wide.

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Rare Presentation of Endophthalmitis

Dr. Melamud and Dr. Garfinkle published a paper in the journal Ophthalmic Surgery and Lasers reporting an atypical presentation of endophthalmitis in a patient having undergone previous vitrectomy surgery.  Endophthalmitis is a rare but potentially devastating infection that can occur after ocular surgery.  Reporting findings in an atypical case helps other practitioners recognize this condition at an earlier stage allowing for earlier diagnosis and treatment.

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