Retina Specialist Annandale

Treating retinal detachment in Annandale

At The Retina Group of Washington, we have a wide umbrella of patients who seek out our knowledge about retinal diseases like retinal detachment. We treat both adult and juvenile retinal detachment, ocular trauma, retinal disease and more. Using trial and study groups, our doctors gain the knowledge needed to treat patients with the highest level of service. Evaluation of retinal detachment will start with a comprehensive exam by our retina specialist Annandale.

Our group has over 40 years of experience starting with our retina clinic at the Children’s National Medical Center and ending with a wide network of hospitals throughout the metropolitan Washington area. In this way we’re able to offer our patients expert care and the knowledge of many different doctors who join together to treat and battle retinal diseases for patients who come to us from all over the country. Some of the diseases we treat range from retinal abnormalities to optic nerve anomalies. Retinal disease can also stem from inflammatory or infectious diseases that affect the retina. Our retina specialist Annandale can update you on all you need to know about retinal disorders and how they can affect your eyesight. And because we partner with different hospitals around the area, we can offer our patients the best and the latest in retinal surgery and locations that are convenient for them.

A retina exam done by a regular eye practitioner can often show medical ailments like high blood pressure or diabetes, because these diseases affect the blood vessels within the eye. It is imperative that patients take the best care of their health, using diet and exercise to help their eyes stay healthy as well as their bodies. Many times, a change in diet and exercise can reverse medical issues like high blood pressure and diabetes. Call our retina specialist Annandale today for more info.

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