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Retina specialist Fairfax

Retina specialist Fairfax

We at The Retina Group of Washington are pleased to assure you, as a concerned parent, that when it comes to pediatric retina care, you child is in the hands of an expert with a high degree of experience. Our practice has been involved in numerous landmark studies regarding childhood retinal issues, and we continue to do so up to the present day.

Our retina specialist Fairfax addresses retinal disease and other conditions, as well as matters that require surgical intervention. It can be unsettling to realize that children, even infants, may be prone to eye problems. The fact remains, though, and that’s why we’re here to provide the optimal pediatric retina care for your child. That means individualized attention. He or she is neither a number nor a random person with a specific ailment. Your child is the most important person in the world to you, and our retina specialist Fairfax considers her or his unique circumstances, needs, and preferences when determining the best strategy to implement. This means taking a full medical history, as well as noting heredity. Whenever possible, non-invasive methods will be utilized, but if they are not sufficient or appropriate to produce the desired results, surgery could be required. If so, we will do everything to keep your child comfortable, relaxed, and at ease. And we do the same for you as the parent. How do you know when it’s the right time for you to bring your child in for our pediatric retina care? The list of possible symptoms related to the retina would be too long to list here, but just a few that are worth mentioning are blurry vision, reduced vision, and eye pain of any degree.

Our retina specialist Fairfax works with you and your child to promote and maintain top eye wellness. Contact us to arrange an appointment.

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