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Ophthalmologist office in Fairfax

Ophthalmologist office in Fairfax

For a very long time, treatment for age-related macular degeneration (or simply AMD) was isolated to methods that sought to slow down its progression or external devices that would help you to live with its effects and see a little better as a result. Our ophthalmologist office in Fairfax wants to offer you more, however. That’s why we’re so pleased to have the revolutionary technology of CentraSight available to help those with advanced AMD, which causes steady vision loss over the course of time. Now, thanks to this pea-sized implanted medical device, we at The Retina Group of Washington now can offer the hope of restoring lost vision.

As AMD gets worse, you start to lose central eyesight, and a significantly large blind spot is created in the middle of your field of vision. But with CentraSight, you can enjoy improved eyesight at the center of your vision once more. There are various tests that will have to be taken at our ophthalmologist office in Fairfax to help determine if you qualify for CentraSight. And you will also have to meet some very specific requirements, such as being in the end-stage of AMD in both of your eyes, being no longer able to benefit from drug treatment for the disease, and having not had cataract surgery at any time in the eye that will be receiving the implanted device. There are also requirements that are based on overall corneal health, level of vision, and age. These are all things that our eye doctor will discuss with you, along with answering any questions that you might have.

For those who do pass the first qualifying stage for CentraSight, our ophthalmologist office in Fairfax will do a full slate of tests to make certain that it is the right solution for you and that you can get the needed benefits from it. This is all done in order to prevent you from being disappointed by not getting the vision improvement that you seek. After the device has been implanted, the eye that has the CentraSight device will provide your central vision moving forward. Your other eye will continue to give you side-to-side (peripheral) vision, thereby making for complete all-around eyesight.

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