Ophthalmology Expert in Fairfax

Ophthalmology Expert in Fairfax

CentraSight Treatment in Fairfax

Continued advancements in eye treatment technology have given hope where there used to be none for those who suffer from age-related macular degeneration (AMD). At The Retina Group of Washington, you can be certain that we’re always on the cutting edge, which is why we’re pleased to represent the revolutionary CentraSight treatment.

This method is not right for everyone, so you would need to come in for an evaluation with our ophthalmology expert in Fairfax. Among the qualifications are that your AMD is in the end stage for both eyes, and medication has ceased to provide any improvement. Age and corneal health are also considered in making a determination of your suitability, and you cannot have had previous cataract surgery (in the eye getting CentraSight). Here’s the way it works: the CentraSight device is an implant that goes in just one of your eyes. It is very small, no bigger than a pea. Since AMD robs you of your central vision, leaving only vision on each side, the CentraSight device restores that central vision to the eye that it is placed in. Your other eye will continue to give you side vision, and combined you will have a full range of vision. Will it be as good as before you had AMD? No, but the improvement that our ophthalmology expert in Fairfax is able to give you is significant. However, it should not be considered to be a cure. AMD cannot be cured. But now you can regain your vision in spite of it.

When you come in for a consultation, you can be assured of a complete examination and assessment by our ophthalmology expert in Fairfax. If you’re a good candidate for CentraSight, you will experience a degree of independence that you may have thought was beyond your reach. Please contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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